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Spray Tanning & Salon Services in Worcester, Massachusetts

We provide a wide array of salon services, including Mystic spray tanning, at Image Hair Salon in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our hair and beauty salon features state-of-the-art facilities and friendly professionals trained to perform an extensive list of hairstyling services. We also do men's hair restoration and semi-permanent brows and eyeliner.

Color Correctives

In the 27 years we have been in business, our salon has seen many hair coloring mistakes made in other salons or at home. Our color experts specialize in color corrective services, repairing permanent hair color mistakes with professional, high-quality, non-damaging color products. Your hair will stay healthy with hair reconstruction before and after the coloring process.
Hair Color - Spray Tanning & Salon Services in Worcester, MA
Color Foils - Spray Tanning & Salon Services in Worcester, MA


Let your colored hair stand out with a unique color effect created with multiple color foils. Give your hair more personality, as our color specialists blend 2 to 3 colors with your natural or base color. We create dazzling color combinations that work best with your age, style, and skin tone, bringing out the best in you.

Spray Tanning

Our Mystic spray tanning services help you achieve an airbrushed healthy glow you desire without exposing your skin to harmful UVB rays. All it takes is 8 minutes to achieve a suntan with no tan lines and no sun damage. Safely stain your skin for a beautiful tan that lasts up to 1½ weeks with our water and aloe-based spray tan solution.
We have the latest model of Mystic Tan® spray tan booth, giving you an even, quick-drying spray. Our spray tans are quite affordable, ranging from $25 to $30 per session, depending on the shade of tan you desire. You also have the option to add instant bronzer and aromas, if desired.
Tanning - Spray Tanning & Salon Services in Worcester, MA
Contact us today for information on our 100% human hair extensions and pricing.